Latest IT trends discussed in Webfair 8.0


Latest IT trends discussed in Webfair 8.0

Latest IT trends discussed in Webfair 8.0

Latest IT trends discussed in Webfair 8.0The 8th chapter of 'Webfair Meetup' organized at The Book Cafe of Cyber Park in Jodhpur, the iconic ‘Blue City’, on Sunday afternoon, October 28.

Read in Hindi: वेबफेअर में हुई आईटी बाजार के नए बदलावों पर चर्चा

Talking to Samiksha Bharti News Service, Sumit Chopra, one of the organizers, said, ‘Webfair Meetup 8.0’ benefited small-medium web entrepreneur, professionals, researchers, students or other newbies in the industry, who are keen update themselves and to learn more about Digital marketing, Open source solutions, Social media revenue models and startup opportunities in Rajasthan state.

‘How to Make Money from expired domain’ was the ‘Hot Topic’ in the symposium this time. Pankaj Chopra, the founder of SastaHost, presented his paper on this subject. Other leading professionals from the IT industry had been invited as speakers to share their thoughts on this topic with many others.

Rakesh Choudhary, Sr. Server Administrator of Advika Web, Harish Thakur, Founder of Papa Siddhi and Sushil Sharma, Founder of DreamTeam Technologies also presented their papers on the various subjects such as ‘How to Secure Your Wordpress Website from Hackers’, ‘Digital Marketing for Small Business’ and ‘Startups Opportunities for Western Rajasthan’ as well.

SastaHost, Advika Web and Papasiddhi were sponsors of the event while,, Clicklify,, and were the media partners.

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