GDPR To Be Discussed At ‘Webfair Meetup 6.0’ On June 17


GDPR To Be Discussed At ‘Webfair Meetup 6.0’ On June 17

GDPR To Be Discussed At ‘Webfair Meetup 6.0’ On June 17

'Webfair Meetup 6.0' In Ahmedabad On June 17New Delhi: Sixth chapter of 'Webfair Meetup' will be organized at Hotel Nami Residency in Ahmedabad on Sunday afternoon, June 17.

Read in Hindi: ‘वेबफेअर 6.0 मीटअप’ में इस बार छिड़ेगी बात ‘जीडीपीआर’ की

Talking to Samiksha Bharti News Service, Organisers said, "Webfair Meetup 6.0", will particularly benefit small-medium web entrepreneur, professionals, researchers, students or other newbies in the industry, who are keen update themselves and to learn more about Domains, Hosting, Blogging, Web Content, SEO, Internet Marketing, Web Security and other Open Source Platforms strategies.

‘General Data Protection Regulation’ (GDPR) would be a ‘Hot Topic’ in the symposium this time. Leading professionals from the IT industry have been invited as speakers to share their thoughts on this topic with many others.

Pankaj Chopra, Founder, Sastahost; Jaydip Parikh, Founder, Tej SolPro; Jay Paudyal, Founder, Startup Café; Amit Panchal, Digital Marketing Consultant; Arun Bansal, Founder, ServerGuy and Gaurav Nakul, Senior Manager at GoDaddy India will present their papers on the subjects “YouTube for Beginners / Earn Money from Youtube”, “SEO in 2020”, “Domain Name Aftermarket and ICANN Outreach Session”, “Twitter for Bloggers and Influencers”, “GDPR & Impact on Indian Ecosystem” and “Introduction to GoDaddy Web Pro Program” respectively and would interact with participants.

Godaddy, SastaHost, and AB Group are sponsors of the event while,, The Emerging World, and are the media partners.

The event is being managed by Sumit Chopra and Pankaj Chopra, WebFair founder.

Registrations are open and will be closed a day before.

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