Hema Malini Accused Of Using ‘Foul’ Words!


Hema Malini Accused Of Using ‘Foul’ Words!

Hema Malini Accused Of Using ‘Foul’ Words!Mathura: Expressing concern at large scale disappearance of green cover in the Sri Krishna land (Braj Bhoomi), Hema Malini, the local MP, said "the local flora and fauna was under threat and those concerned with preserving forests and ecology had shown little interest in preventing loss of green cover."

Talking to Samiksha Bharti News Service, Hema Malini wondered what the state forest department was doing. "Braj is known for its forests, greenery and the water bodies. Sri Krishna was himself a keen environmentalist and lover of nature. Banshi Vat, once had more than 100 acres of dense forest with some exquisite species of trees peculiar to Braj area, now hardly 20 acres are left. The situation is alarming and each day trees are being felled."

"If people do not wake up today, and prevent loss of greenery, the Braj area will be totally denuded and there will be only cement structures all around. Mathura-Vrindavan is visited by millions of Sri Krishna devotees for whom the forests and the Yamuna river were sacred entities," Hema Malini said.

When some villagers informed me of trees being chopped off from different areas, "I visited Banshi Vat and was shocked to see loss of green cover. I appealed to villagers to help and maintain a vigil."

Hema Malini was reacting to the charge that she had offended a local gram pradhan's husband by questioning him how trees were being allowed to be chopped off.

Bhagwan Singh, husband of the pradhan Bhagwati Devi told media persons he was deeply hurt and had to be medically treated.

SO Maant, Durgesh Kumar said an inquiry was on.

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