BJP's Vrindavan Conclave Ends: Attacks UP Govt For Failure


BJP's Vrindavan Conclave Ends: Attacks UP Govt For Failure

BJP's Vrindavan Conclave Ends: Attacks UP Govt For FailureVrindavan: The 2-day state executive meeting, also attended by senior party leaders of the districts, of the Bhartiya Janata Party, ended here Sunday afternoon after adopting a political resolution which attacked the ruling Samajwadi Party, for the poor law and order situation, attacks on women by a section, the partisan policy of appeasement, and the extremely grim state of governance in the state.

The national secretary organisational affairs Ram Lal addressed the concluding session, instead of home minister Raj Nath Singh, who was originally scheduled to attend the last session.

Ram Lal urged the party workers to gear up for the coming assembly byelections and ensure the victory of the party candidates to strengthen prime minister Narendra Modi. Booth level workers should be galvanised and there should be continuous interaction betweenleaders and party activists, he said.
Though there was no mention of "love Jehad" in any of the official documents or resolutions, individual leaders kept talking about it accusing the state government of not heeding to the alarming trend.

Privately some leaders were unhappy with the controversy raised by the electronic media on love jehad, which they felt reduced the seriousness and political focus of the conclave. Those who were hoping that the political resolution would talk about love jehad were disappointed, as leaders were seen avoiding discussion on it.

The 2-day meet lost some of its sheen after the absence of two top leaders party president Amit Shah and home minister Raj Nath Singh.

The party leaders appeared focused on further sharpening the "polarising politics" which had yielded favourable results in the Lok Sabha polls. Most speeches were therefore aimed at consolidating the Hindu vote bank by inciting fears of communal politics played by the Samajwadi Party. Eleven assembly seats and one Lok Sabha seat are on stake in the next month's byelections, which will set the tone for future politics.

Talking to Samiksha Bharti News Service, state party president Laxmi Kant Bajpai said "the chief focus of the two day meet was on the deteriorating law and order situation in UP, the power crisis, raw deal to farmers. BJP is now totally geared to form the government in the state and all our workers are being mobilised to achieve that goal."

Bajpai said "love jehad" did remain an area of concern. But we are worried about the safety and welfare of all women. "To stop crimes and injustices against women, our party will sensitise and mobilise the whole society. People will themselves deal with this problem."

Braj Prant president of the BJP Purushottam Khandelwal told SBNS "from the land of Sri Krishn-Radha, we have pledged to fight against injustices perpetrated on women by a section under patronage of the ruling party. From road to parliament we will fight against this alarming trend. It is wrong to equate love with rape, as the chief minister is trying to do. Sexual crimes against women by anyone should not be tolerated on the basis of religion or community."

Purushottam said training camps will soon be held for the party workers at the state, district and booth level.

Speaking at the concluding session of the two day meet of the state executive committee members and senior leaders of the state, national secretary organisation Ram Lal said "we believe in Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas."

Lal said BJP was determined to form the new government in the state. "Right now one does not know whether one chief minister or several chief ministers or a whole family is running the state."

The political resolution adopted made a scathing attack on the Samajwadi Party for acting in a prejudiced and partisan manner to avenge its crushing defeat in the Lok Sabha polls. The rule of law in UP was totally finished, as the official machinery including the police were puppets in the hands of the Samajwadi Party leaders.

In 30 months of its rule, there were more than 5148 murders, 1981 rapes, 3927 loot-theft cases, 754 abductions. Communal riots had increased. Innocents were being jailed.

The resolution said it was a matter of grave concern that women of a community were being targeted for sexual assaults by a particular section that had been the beneficiary of appeasement policy of the state government.

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