Wearing Yellow Makes You Happy


Wearing Yellow Makes You Happy

London (UK): Wearing a touch of yellow is a great way to lift the spirits and feel happy, says Karen Haller, color psychologist.

‘While the current favorite look of a crisp white shirt with a dark suit looks smart, it does not help make the man wearing it feel happy,” explains Haller. “When we see the sun our spirits soar so wearing a touch of yellow is a great way to inject some optimism. In the tough 1940s, fashion was extremely conservative and colors were limited to black, navy, grey and ivory in keeping with the sombre mood of the times. The choice of colors was not available then, but they are now and we need to use them to highlight the positive aspects of our lives.’

Combine yellow with blue as in these stripes and the wearer will not only look and feel happy, he will also be seen as a good communicator, intellectual, trustworthy, calm and logical.

‘Every time you select a color to wear you are making a statement of how you are feeling and how you want others to interact with you,” adds Haller, “so make sure your wardrobe is full of color for every mood.’

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