Five tips for a good sleep diet


Five tips for a good sleep diet

Five tips for a good sleep diet

Five tips for a good sleep dietOur diet has many impacts on our quality of sleep. Here are five simple ways to help delayed aging, overall well being and a good sleep.

1. Having meals at a regular interval help to strengthen the rhythm of melatonin production. This melatonin hormone helps to keep our body in sync with day and night rhythm and regulate our day-to-day sleep patterns.

2. We should have a light dinner daily. Any heavy food eaten close to bedtime may enhance many digestive problems. It may make difficult to sleep.

3. Oats, rice, sweet corn, ginger, tomatoes, bananas, barley, and oats are the best source of melatonin, so, we should include these foods in our regular diet.

4. Comfortable clothes, a room with proper ventilation and lights off are very necessary to get better sleep.

5. Avoid tea, coffee, and cold drinks before sleeping.

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