How to manage our pain…!


How to manage our pain…!

How to manage our pain…!

How to manage our pain…!What can you do if you are suffering from a hard to manage chronic pain? And, how you should communicate it with your doctor? Here are four tips for your pain management.

1. Use a number scale, from no pain to ten indicating excruciating pain, and words to describe your pain. For example, use words like stabbing, sharp, or aching.

2. Compare it to the other pain you might have experienced, like childbirth or a broken arm or leg, and burn etc.

3. Describe activities you can no longer do because of your pain to your doctor, like putting on shoes, moving hand or leg, or sitting through a movie.

4. Explain how long you have experienced the pain, where you feel it in your body and anything that makes it worse.

5. Discuss your family history as it relates to your illness as well be sure to share with your doctor that how it is sensitive to other family members.

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